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RH+ Mooving Jersey - review

RH+ Mooving Jersey - review

Luxurious jersey ideal for cool to mild winter rides

The RH+ Mooving Jersey is a simple but effective winter jersey, made from a super-soft luxurious fabric, which works well as an outer layer when it’s cold but not freezing.

The Mooving Jersey – yep, with two o’s – is made from the Italian firm’s ‘Icedry’ fabric, which they say is warm, breathable and quick drying. It’s proved to be all three in the right conditions. The fabric has a fleece lining, which is nothing new, but it’s thicker and softer than many we’ve tried and so has a luxurious feel to it. It almost feels warm to touch and is just that when worn.

RH+ winter clothing (Pic: George Scott/Factory Media)
The RH+ Mooving Jersey is very effective as an outer layer on cool to mild winter rides

The IceDry fabric isn’t windproof, so, in our experience, the jersey is best used as an outer layer when the temperature’s around five to 12 degrees. At the lower end of that temperature range we’ll pair it with a windproof gilet to add a little insulation, while at the upper end we’ll reach for something lighter. If it’s really cold you could pair the Mooving Jersey with a softshell, but it’d have to be Baltic, while we’ve pulled on a lightweight shell a few times over the course of this test to provide protection from a passing rain shower.

The fact that it’s not windproof means that the fabric let’s a little air pass through it, which helps regulate body temperature (providing it’s not too cold) and helps heat and, in turn, moisture, escape when working hard.

The fit is, on the whole, good and with a couple of tweaks it’d be, well, very good. It’s a reasonably generous fit for an Italian brand and the fabric has a decent amount of stretch in it but the cut ensures the material stays close to the body on the bike. The fit is also excellent on the shoulders and neck, where it easy to do the full-length zip up without it feeling restrictive, but the sleeves lose their shape a little on the forearm and we’d like the cuffs to be a little closer. They’re a little loose so don’t provide a snug fit over gloves, which means a draft can disappear up the sleeve.

What we really like is the microfibre elastic band at the bottom of the jersey. It’s five centimetres deep and silicone-lined, so does an excellent job at holding the jersey in place, but best of all the microfibre band provides a smooth transition from jersey to tights. Top marks to RH+ on that front.

Otherwise, features are limited to the full-length zip at the front, which performs its limited role with little fuss, allowing the rider to regulate body temperature by lowering the zip when a little warm or otherwise doing it up to the top. Out back there are three rear pockets, organised in the usual arrangement, but we’d like to see an additional zipped pocket to provide a more secure place to put a mobile phone and house key, which can feel a little vulnerable in an open pocket. We’ve never had anything fall out of a regular, open pocket – not on this jersey or any other – but a zipped pocket would still be a handy addition.

The jersey is available in the UK in one colour only – the black/white/red pictured – and comes in five sizes from small to extra-extra-large for £75. On paper it’s a mid-weight jersey like many others but that’s no bad thing. The Mooving Jersey’s short comings are relatively minor and it scores well where it matters – it’s a very effective piece on cool to mild winter rides one and we’ll be pulling it on regularly before the winter’s out.

Price: £75
Sizes: S-XXL
Colour: black/white/red
Website: RH+
UK distributor: Veroli 

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