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Team Sky's new Rapha kit - gallery

Team Sky's new Rapha kit - gallery

Timothy John Timothy John

Images have been released of Rapha’s new kit for Team Sky.

The pictures show Edvald Boasson Hagen, Bernard Eisel and Salvatore Puccio seemingly enjoying a relaxed start to their 2013 campaign.

Bernie Eisel and Salvatore Puccio
The kit, modelled here by Bernhard Eisel and Salvatore Puccio, is split into three collections

Rapha’s collection is divided into three tiers: Pro Team, which will offer customers the same kit as used by the team, a Replica kit, which carries the Team Sky look but without the same performance or price tag, and a City Wear and Supporter line, which includes a long-sleeve shirt, jeans, t-shirts and flags.

Sixty new products make up the range, with the Pro Team Jersey costing £140, while the Replica Jersey is £75 and the Supporter Jersey is £40. The Team Sky Classic Softshell Jacket is the most expensive item in the collection at £240, while a number of items, including a scarf and socks, start at £15. You can view the full range here.

The range will go on sale from mid-February and will be available to buy on the Rapha website and through Evans Cycles.

“The opportunity to work with the riders and staff of Team Sky has always been about improving how they perform, look and feel as a Team Sky rider 24 hours a day.” said Rapha founder Simon Mottram.

“We are excited about the refinements we have brought to the on-bike clothing and are very glad to be able to redefine their look off the bike in a way more commensurate with the stature of these riders and the team.”

Team Sky returns to action at the Tour Down Under on Saturday January 22. RoadCyclingUK will have daily reports and photo galleries from official UCI WorldTour photographer Stefano Sirotti.

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Edvald Boasson Hagen, Team Sky

Edvald Boasson Hagen enjoys a a latte in the colours of Norwegian national road race champion

Rapha Team Sky

A chain gang of a superior type: Team Sky in relaxed mood

Edvald Boasson Hagen

A view of Boasson Hagen familiar to many in the peloton: disappearing rapidly into the distance

  1. Italian-cyclist

    Those prices for the team kit are a disgrace and rip off , in the time where money is tight. There again Rapha doesn’t produce quality goods at a good price just quality goods at a crazy price for the “city boys”

  2. jim

    excellent english, wish my italian was as good.

  3. Steve

    Sorry to hear money is so tight IC, instead of dropping big money on Rapha why not just get your duds from Aldi instead.

    Love to shoot the sh*t & all that but I’m off to polish my £9k Italian waste of money.

    It’s a hard life hey!


  4. Clive

    Hoped to be surprised by a reasonable price. Seems Sky want to be elitist instead of giving value.

  5. Mark

    Clive/Italian Cyclist – I think you may have missed the bit where the supporter clothing is referenced – you can get a jersey for £40. There are different levels of kit that you can get – Replica is akin to other kit in the market and priced at the same level and pro-team is at the top and is often unavailable in other team’s kits. I’m not sure what you want here – they have done a price point cheaper than all the other teams, one the same and given people the opportunity to buy the highest level should they wish.

  6. john

    “You pays yr money and takes yr choice”.Come on boys, you are big enough to decide whether you are a supporter or an elite rider and what the benefits are from each price point – or maybe its just that some merely want to look the part when they collect their bread and milk down the newsagents.In which case buy the supporters. Its cheaper and you ll still do 16mph albeit at a cost of 500 milliwatts

  7. JC

    If you don’t like it don’t buy it – but if you took the time to look at the Rapha site you will see the other jerseys and shorts are the same price as last year’s Adidas kit. Ps I live in Derby – does that make me a City boy? :-) Happy Riding.

  8. couriertim

    Surely rip off is where an extortionate price is demanded for a poor service where there is no choice on the part of the consumer (like the railways), no one is required to buy rapha , and there is plenty of choice. For many part of the attraction of luxury brands is the price so you can demonstrate your wealth and good taste to others. Personally I would demand a hefty fee to advertise anything let alone sky tv

  9. KJ

    That’s novel. Another go at Rapha. Equivalent of motorist hating cyclist debate or helmet,yes/no. If it gets up your nose just ignore them and shop elsewhere.

  10. Clive

    Good point Mark as I had not seen that. See now that Rapha has a replica and a supporter at reasonable prices. So I retract my original comments. Thanks.

  11. john

    Good-that’s settled. I’m off down the newsagents for me bread and milk. I will assume the aero position and recoup me 500millwatts pushing 16.8 mph. (dont dicount Aldi just yet – their fit,quality and materials are improving all the time.)

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