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Armstrong "admits doping to Oprah" reports USA Today

Armstrong "admits doping to Oprah" reports USA Today

Timothy John Timothy John

USA Today has reported that Lance Armstrong confessed his doping past to Oprah Winfrey in an interview recorded yesterday and due to be broadcast on Thursday (17).

The newspaper quotes a source “familiar with the interview” whom it claims disclosed that Armstrong admitted to the chat show host that his use of performance-enhancing drugs began before he was diagnosed with cancer in 1996.

Winfrey Tweeted: “Just wrapped with @lancearmstrong More than 2 1/2 hours . He came READY!”

Betsy Andreu, the wife of Armstrong’s former teammate, Frankie, will appear on Good Morning America tomorrow. The Andreaus testified separately to USADA that Armstrong had admitted to using performance enhancing drugs to doctors in an Indianapolis hospital room in which they were present after being treated for cancer.

Armstrong is also said to be ready to meet with the US Anti-Doping Agency, whose 1,000 page ‘reasoned decision’ dossier branded him a “serial cheat” and concluded that his US Postal team he had operated “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen”.

USADA banned Armstrong for life from competitive sport last August. The UCI, responding to USADA’s evidence, stripped the Texan of his seven Tour de France titles last October.

Armstrong apologised yesterday to staff at his Livestrong Foundation, which supports people with cancer. He stepped down from its board last November.

Livestrong Foundation spokeswoman, Katherine McLane, told Reuters yesterday that the disgraced cyclist had offered a “sincere and heartfelt expression of regret: for stress suffered as the result of “media attention”.

Armstrong is facing multi-million dollar lawsuits from The Sunday Times, from whom he obtained an out-of-court settlement in 2004 in a libel dispute, and from the SCA, who insured his win bonuses, and who paid the Texan $5m, plus $2.5m costs, after Armstrong won an arbitration dispute in 2005 by denying he had doped.

It is understood that an expiry of the statute of limitations will prevent Armstrong from being jailed for his perjury.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the US Justice Department has recommended joining a ‘whistleblower’ agreement brought by Floyd Landis to recover money invested by the taxpayer in the US Postal Service cycling team.

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  1. peter coney

    It is Turds like LA and others who are turning my sport into a Chemical Freak Show.You “Armstrong” after all you said, are a disgrace to the sport.Thank goodness for your lifetime ban ! i only hope that it is what it says “For Life”

  2. Don Bennett

    very sad, but everyone was doing it which doesn’t make it right, but notwithstanding he was still beating everyone else!

  3. Keiron Curtis

    I’ve no doubt what I am about to say will upset quite a few. But, I still admire Lance Armstrong a great deal. He beat cancer. He was a professional sportsman in a sport so full of “cheats”, that to get to the top, one had to do the same. For the racing authorities to take away all his wins, is just ridiculous, and smacks of double standards, for those authorities knew throughout that the sport was corrupt. To all intents and purposes turned a blind eye.

  4. phil

    all LA and his team are interested in is money and fame. Honesty, fairplay, comradeship count for nothing in their distorted view of themselves and the world. He may win this PR battle and remain an all american hero in the eyes of many. That is a travesty as he is the greatest cheater sport has ever produced. I feel sorry for american cycling which will remain forever tarnished by his disgusting, selfish behaviour.Any future american champion will be compared to LAs mythical, corrupt,cheating record. If they challenge that, they will be condemned in the same terrible way LA attacked his detractors. He truly is a cancer on the sport.If he had an ounce of decency he would accept a no holds barred interview at the hands of David Walsh , then crawl away under the nearest rock and NEVER enter the public or sporting sphere again.

  5. Tony West

    He was the best on something, and the best not on something,he sold cycling all round the world, shame on, Nike,Trek,Giro,Oakley for cutting and running with the money, why not look into the past Tour winners, are they so un tarnished, level playing field, get over it, it was the culture of the day.

  6. Mr president

    Can I have the money back for the Nike I bought or the pair of oakleys… Can I heck corporations got rich on the back of this and now say ooooh bad boy lance nothing to do with us! If you were there you would have known.

  7. Keiron Curtis

    Can anyone quantify how much these sportsmen’s performances were improved while taking these drugs?

  8. christen thomsen

    It’s professional sport. That means money, money, money…The real winners are the sponsors, as Tony west implies, and the TV networks. The fools are us who ‘buy’ the stuff: cycling gear, tv license fees, etc…


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