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Beginner's guide: how to use road bike gears

Road bike gears may seem complicated at first, but use them properly and you'll soon by riding much more efficiently

Beginner's guide: how to set the correct saddle angle on a road bike

Why it's important to get your saddle angle right

Proviz PixElite Softshell jacket – review

A highly capable all-round winter jacket with a super high-vis twist

Which Garmin Edge GPS bike computer should I buy?

Thinking about buying a Garmin computer but confused by the choice? Here's all you need to know...

How to grab an end-of-season bike sale bargain

If the time of year when bike shops are discounting old stock, so how can you make sure you get a bargain and not a bum deal?

Buyer's guide: five things to consider when buying a handbuilt bike

Tempted by a custom frame? Here are five things to consider before taking the plunge

Buyer's guide: how to choose a handlebar upgrade

Looking for a new set of bars to make your ride more comfortable? Here's our comprehensive guide to the things you'll need to think about

Buyer's guide: how to choose a cycling helmet

If all helmets are designed to meet the same safety standards, why do they vary in price so much?

Buyer's guide: saddles

Are you sitting comfortably? Here's our guide to finding the right saddle for your bike

Brooks Cambium C15 saddle - review

Supremely comfortable 'racing' saddle - once silenced