Even though they’ve only been around for a few years in their own right, Alé have a wealth of experience with bike clothing, having made kit for the likes of Giordana for years. And there’s no knocking the quality of what they produce, even if some of the more ‘Euro’ styled pieces might not be to everyone’s taste. 

They also currently make the clothing for the Bardiani-CSF team on the UCI Pro Continental Tour, so have plenty of experience at the pro level which trickles down into their consumer-facing clothing as well.

First up is the PRR Bering Long Sleeve Jersey. Made as a legit winter option, it has thermal fleece fabric on the inside to ensure you stay warm, and couples that with a high collar and long cuffs so heat doesn’t escape from anywhere. In all honestly it’s a little more like a light jacket than a long sleeve jersey as it adds a good level of protection and certainly enough to be used as an outer layer, with solid layering between, even when the weather gets down to single figures. The swoop cut hem is what Alé call the ‘J-stability system’, made to move with the body as you bend down into more aggressive riding positions, and it won’t bunch because it’s cut shorter in the section where the body and thighs move closest as you pedal.

RCUK100 - Ale PRR Bering long sleeve jersey

RCUK100 - Ale PRR Bering long sleeve jersey

RCUK100 - Ale PRR Ponente bib tights

RCUK100 - Ale PRR Ponente bib tights

RCUK100 - Ale PRR Ponente bib tights

RCUK100 - Ale PRR Ponente bib tights

Alé might be a comparatively new brand, but years of experience making clothing for the likes of Giordano and supplying Italian pro teams means they're not lacking in quality at all

A good partner for the jacket – and not just because the styling matches – are the PRR Ponente Bib Tights. PRR is the signifier these are right at the top of Alé’s range, like Rosso Corsa with Castelli, and it’s a sign that a lot of research and development went into these tights.

As well as the fleece lined inner, the PRR Ponente tights feature the 4H chamois, a pad we’ve already tested and were extremely impressed with, so you’ll be able to ride in these without worrying about comfort for hours at a time.

  • Pricing:

    Bering Long Sleeve Jersey – £115

    PRR Ponente Bib Tights – £115

    Fleece Undergloves – £30

    Waterproof Shoecovers – £26.99

    Primaloft Socks – £15

  • Website: Alé
  • UK distributor: Paligap

Another vital piece of winter kit is a good pair of gloves. The ones we have here are Fleece Undergloves, designed to be worn either on their own or – as the name suggests – under thicker gloves when the weather’s really bad. They’re slim fitting and covered with a sticky anti-slip finish so you’ll have a solid grip on both the bars and the shifters without any fear of sliding about.

If it’s a wet day out, you’ll want something to help keep your feet warm and Alé’s Waterproof Shoecovers are an eye-catching lightweight way to do so. They’re actually water resistant rather than fully waterproof, with welded seams and a taped zip all helping to keep out as much water as possible. But when it’s really hammering down, you won’t be able to keep the Primaloft Socks underneath dry, no matter what you do.