Arundel, the US company with a passion for making gorgeous bicycle components, clearly has a soft spot for bottle cages as it’s released the brand new Mandible bottle cage recently.

It all started back in 2000 with the Dave-O, a handmade carbon fibre bottle cage of beautiful proportions. The range has since expanded to include the Trident, Sideloader, OtherSideloader, Chrono and a stainless steel version.

The new Mandible claims to offer a 40% increase in bottle grabbing power in a smaller, slimmer and lighter design. This extra strength is achieved by the addition of a foam core to the construction. Particular attention has been paid to the ease with which bottles can be inserted into the cage, with a ‘seamless trough.’

Arundel have recently become an official sponsor of Team Garmin for 2009 and all teams bikes will be fitted with the new Mandible cage next year, and the riders have already been testing the new cage.

Weight is a claimed 27-28g, and price $64.95.