Bagaboo Off the Peg Standard Messenger Bag – Size Medium 23 litres £99.00

Like many messenger bags the Bagaboo has had far more use off the bike than on it. It has followed me all over Europe this summer laden with books, papers, laptop, clothing, spares, tools, tyres. You name it, it’s carried it.

It has picked up the inevitable stains and scuffs but, crucially, all the corners are intact and there have been no punctures to the Cordura outer or waterproof lining.

The layout and pockets have proved excellent although in custom form I would possibly spec some extra smaller zip pockets inside. Filled to the gunwales, the top has proved up to the task of protecting the cargo against the elements throughout one of the wettest summers you could imagine and, contrary to my own expectations, I haven’t managed to snap off any buckles.

On the bike the Bagaboo is best worn high on the back. Regardless of how you pack it, it does have a tendency to slide gently around the body over time, despite the chest strap, especially with heavy loads. This has never been a real problem, just one that's slightly niggling.

It's very tough, very stylish, comfortable and totally waterproof; you can’t ask for much more of a messenger bag, or any bag for that matter. My only recommendation would be to include a padded laptop case if you carry a notebook a lot and take time to set up the fit well to avoid slippage around the chest.


Top quality load-lugger

performance 9
value 9
overall 9