Keeping your nether regions in good condition is an important and often overlooked aspect of riding and is especially important for sportives. A top quality chamois cream can make a real difference well before the finish line.

While there’s plenty of choice, nothing has captured the RCUK collective imagination quite like the bizarrely named Beljum Hard Core Budder, a new chamois cream to come out of Northern California, US. And with ‘Hard Core’ in its name, how can it not be a product that means business…?

In the world of chamois creams, there's a plentiful supply. Beljum Budder’s USP is its complete lack of parabens, petroleum and lanolin. In fact, the non-greasy, anti-microbial and unscented cream contains a list of all-natural ingredients, mixing a blend of natural botanicals with vitamins A, D and E to aid damaged skin recovery during- and post-ride.

Beljum Budder was born when two cycling friends decided to develop a cream with safe and natural ingredients, following the tragic loss of a friend to prostate cancer. They wanted a professional quality long lasting chamois crème made without parabens. All ingredients have been specifically designed to address the lubrication needs of the long distance athlete while eliminating some of the harsh chemicals found in other balms.