Smaller than it looks

It's weatherproof, it's suitable for mounting on the handlebars or stem and it's made specifically for Apple's iPhone or iPod Touch. Well, it would have to be, or they wouldn't fit so precisely.

BioLogic's Bike Mount combines a case sealed against the elements with an ingenious mount, secured using a plastic "Jubilee clip" style strap tightened using a 6mm Allen key, that will fit any size bar or around most stems. It also rotates in 15degree increments to permit orientation of the screen in landscape and portrait modes and indeed many others besides.

The idea for the mount came after executives from folding bike maker Dahon, owners of the BioLogic brand, spent fruitless hours looking for something similar before ending up using a rubber band to secure the phone. Attaching the iPhone to the bars is desirable because it has integral Google mapping and a selection of GPRS "sat-nav" apps is now available, allowing the user to track position, speed or distance travelled as well as providing a straightforward map function.

The BioLogic Bike Mount's case has a welded touch-sensitive screen membrane, a membrane covering the camera port, a shock-resistant silicon lining to the underside of the shell and a hinged opening with clip fastener. The case is quickly detachable from the mount and is compatible with the BioLogic ReeCharge, which will be available around March 2010 and which keeps the iPhone charged while riding.

The case accepts the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and 3Gs and iPod Touch, has an SRP of €49 ans is available through