Carmichael Training Systems' latest collection of DVDs claims to be able to increase your power by 12%, with five info-packed discs taking you step-by-step through 15 hours of training.

Featuring Chris Carmichael and his team of CTS Coaches, these workouts will keep you motivated and training when you can’t get outside. Each class is led by Chris Carmichael and a team of CTS Coaches twice a week for eight weeks.

The whole program begins with the CTS Field Test, an essential workout that allows athletes to determine accurately personal power and/or heart rate ranges you’ll use in each subsequent workout. The 15 one-hour workouts that follow form a comprehensive indoor training program based on CTS’s proven coaching philosophy.

Each DVD contains three 1-hr workouts. For your convenience, you can purchase the entire series at once, or you can purchase each disc of the 5-disc series separately. One CTS Field Test disc is included with each order.