For 2009 Condor is pulling out the stops, with some exciting new additions and wholesale changes across the entire range, which now amounts to a staggering 23 bikes. Among the bikes there are several standout additions, with the whole range now more easily separated into racing, legacy and fixed sub-ranges.

Condor and fixed wheel go together like pasta and tomato sauce, so it’s no surprise to see that, in an enlarged fixed bike range, the Potenza is back. This track/fixed frame is priced below the ever-popular Pista and sports a geometry designed for track use, as well as road riding. It’ll cost just £350 for the frame and fork, which seems like decent value to us. The Potenza’s customisability was displayed generously at the London cycle show, with a several different approaches to check out. Common to both the Potenza and Pista are radical new decals.

Potenza is back

New decals are a big feature of the new bikes

Pista - lots of variations on a theme

Gold overdose on this Pista

Black and white Potenza turned heads

The Legacy range seeks a more classical decal approach, with the re-introduction of the original Condor marque onto both the Tempo and Fratello, both RCUK favourites, and the Heritage.

Fratello gets new decals

New paint and decals for the Tempo

Classico Pista

Things are hotting up with Condor’s support of the Rapha/Condor race squad, with a fleet of new bikes on show. Centre stage was the new Leggero, which has undergone a huge change since RCUK tested the 2008 model recently. The latest Dedacciai tube set has been used with improvements including a tapered head tube, heavily profiled main tubes, a rear wheel-hugging seat tube and new fork, changes which promise to increase the stiffness of the overall bike. The decals have been updated and overall the bike looks substantially more contemporary than the outgoing bike.

The luscious gloss black paint extends to several other race edition models, including a track bike, ‘cross bike and the Ultima time trial bike. Look out for the race team putting these machines to great use on the race calendar next year.

The Baracchi gets updated with a new Condor-specific hand cut and hand wrapped carbon frame with a distinctly curvaceous look, including a profiled top tube.

The women-specific Bellissima has gone but in are two new RL models, which while not women-specific do feature a taller headtube and relaxed geometry.

Lots of changes to the new Leggero

Ultima - the new time trial offering

There's now a track bike for the race team

New team edition 'cross bike

Baracchi receives a new carbon frame

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