The 2008 Cyclepassion calendar has been released. Do try and contains yourselves...

The original motivation for this project is self-defence. Anke Wilken is the wife of a frenetic, obsessed cyclist who spends any and all of his free time on a bike. Being surrounded by nothing but bikes, bikers, bike magazines and bike parts, Anke felt she would sooner or later become a bike widow - fast losing ground to her husband's love affair with the wheeling sport. Being confronted with the topic, her husband had argued, that beauty solely lies in the engineering and technical aspects of a bike.

Well they’ve since split up, but the calendar has built up such momentum that stopping it would be unfeasible. The latest edition contains the usual mix of half-naked girls, but there’s now a host of top name cyclists from both the MTB and road scene, all presented in the usual gloss that you've come to expect from the calendars.

The website has a great gallery of photos from the making of the calendar, which is worth a look. Each month can also be viewed at, albeit with a low resolution, so purchasing a copy is still recommended.

Get your copy now from Prendas.