RCUK Magic Minute Competition

Its that time of year again where the very stunning Cyclepassion calendar is in our hot little hands. We only have three and instead of keeping them for ourselves we are being extremely considerate and passing it onto three of you.

This is the third year of the calendar's existence.

The 2008 version incorporates some big names, including T-Mobile pro Emilia Fahlin and former world champion Gunn Rita Dahle (Merida), MTB champion Irina Kalentieva (Topeak) and second place finisher at Fort William Ralph Naef (Merida). Although it is not the guys who are the focal point, it does add something different to the ever impressive collection.

In the next month we're giving RoadCyclingUK.com members the chance to win these very provocative Cyclepassion calendars in our Magic Minute competition!

Magic Minute? What's that then? Well, all you have to do is post on the forums and you're automatically entered to win. Then, at three random points from now until around 31 October 2007 we'll stop the clock - whoever posts nearest to our chosen minute wins the calendar.

So the more you post, the greater your chances of winning.

Whether it's asking a question or replying to an existing topic, we don't mind - it all counts (note to all spammers: nonsense posts won't be accepted).

For more info on the cyclepassion calendar, visit the Cyclepassion website.

Get posting and good luck!

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