Carbon rims, now the norm in pro racing, are becoming increasingly popular in the amateur peloton. The latest brand on the scene is called Edge Composites and the guys behind the company have over 25 years of experience in the composites industry. They have each done a stint working with other cycle manufacturers, but now they’re branching out with their own range of products.

Edge's carbon rims look great, and aren’t just another ‘off-the-shelf’ carbon rim, instead offering a couple of interesting advantages. Available in 38mm and 68mm, the all-carbon rims use a proprietary moulding process wherein the spoke holes are moulded, rather than drilled. Edge claim this improves the structural integrity as well as allowing wheel builders a higher spoke tension limit than other carbon rims.

They’re also very light at 280g and 410g for the 28mm and 68mm rims respectively. Another interesting feature is the raised braking surface, which is moulded at the same time as the rest of the rim. This is designed to ensure more consistent braking performance.

edge rims

Bespoke Cycling have just started importing these rims from the US and are offering full custom builds to virtually any hub, spoke type/count you prefer. Prices start from £400 and currently only tubular format is available, although a clincher version is coming along soon. Find out more at or 0207 7390119.