The big news last year is that Ernesto went off to Taiwan to start making bikes... but the really big news is that they look great. So a more affordable Colnago is soon to be reality. A new monocoque frame in, yes you guessed it, Carbon called the Cristallo.

Michael Schumacher's pit lane bike, the Ferrari trekking bike Always a packed stand The production line Colnago becomes reality, and becomes affordable
The Arte with bowed seatstays and a carbon rear end More monocoque frames - The Cristallo looks very well finished And takes curved lines a little further
Ernesto conducts another meeting with past riders to a huge crowd The floor was as impressive too Let your imagination run away and have a photographic moment
Commercially you can understand why Colnago went to Taiwan, cheaper bikes mean a bigger market The Primavera follows Colnago lines but costs less that the average Italian made frame Made in Taiwan but with Ernesto's all important approval
Never forgetting their roots, the Master is available again, with a B-Stay carbon rear end The Colnago steel marque is still around after many years