De Rosa are certainly having a renaissance - their stand was really busy. There's two new carbon frames and a revamp to the Dual. They continue to make steel in large numbers and their 'Benchmark' bike the Primato is still one of the finest looking Italian bikes out there (well I reckon at any rate).

De Rosa's latest Carbon frame The Protos - Enough to make Italian men go weak at the knees The Avant carbon is an aesthetic delight after last year's Tango (yes they are still making it!) The Dual HF has also had a face lift and is less fussy than last year
One for the Old Skool steel - The Neo Primato They are very tidy and beautifully painted The Team is the 'entry level'
Dual HF in impossible to photograph silver and white The Avant did attract a lot of attention For the steel die-hards the Corum offers a lighter alternative to the Neo Primato
One man and his bike - Ugo De Rosa a legend in bike building The Titanium