We spent a fair while on the Pegoretti stand and their bikes look superb, if a little quirky. We'd also like to see Somec, Casati and Scapin get a little more coverage over here as they are really nice looking and seem to be very well made frames, sure they are available, but they just don't get the press they clearly deserve.

As for bike of the show, well Pegoretti's retro steel bike with steel fork and custon built stem was by far the prettiest - It had a crowd around it all day.

But Scapin and Casati had my attention for the longest time as they have taken a fresh approach to mixing materials, especially Scapin. We just need to get a test bike now...

Pegoretti with oversized chainstays The retro styling was very popular
Lovely crown work Wonderful finish
Fatter chainstays to provide better tracking Scapin have gone down the mixed materials route This certainly looks built for comfort
neat seat post clamp Scapins had lots of cut-outs and carbon seat tubes are a regular theme
The white carbon one is lovely looking with a matching seat post Jan Ullrich Replica at Giant
Giant are going down the mixed media route too ...as ever they are great value Their best looking bike by far
Somec's Krypton looks tasty The "Iron' is the steel version Casati steel - a classic Italian approach
Casati details Or the Laser in full carbon Casati also have the mixed material approach