The Endura Superstretch Overshoe is the best we’ve tested this winter.

Its neoprene upper kept us warm even in the coldest conditions and dry in all but the wettest, and the absence of a fastener removed at a stroke the area of an overshoe most likely to fail.

Instead, the fabric proved tough and stretchy enough to pull on and take off without penalty, and provided the best fit of any overshoe we’ve tested (the ‘medium’, in our case, with a size 41 shoe).

Endura's Equipe Superstretch Overshoes are one of our go-to options i bad weather

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Removing the Superstretch Overshoe was a matter of rolling it back over the shoe, a process that revealed its none-greener interior, but did not damage the stitching. Compare and contrast with the dispiriting experience of fumbling blindly for a zip, which more often that not breaks within weeks of use.

We wore them in the freezing conditions of Belgium in February, combined with Endura’s cashmere sock, and remained warm. We tried overshoes from another brand on our second day's riding there, and regretted it.

Back in England, the Endura Thermal Overshoe has become our ‘go to’ shoe cover, mainly for its ease of use and superb fit. Road spray has so far failed to penetrate its neoprene skin, and the wet feet on a ride blighted by two heavy downpours are more likely to have been the result of ingress through the sole.

Speaking of which, these kevlar-reinforced nylon offerings proved as robust as the upper. The only damage to report is a slight fluffiness on the stitching at the heel of the left shoe cover.

We were impressed by the reinforced arches, which have shrugged off any contact with the crank arms, and the rolled neoprene cuff provided an effective seal against all but the heaviest rain.

The reflective branding was effective at night, and on day rides (the fluro green stitching played its part here, too), and has stood up well to the rigours of the washing machine.


At £34.99, the Endura Superstretch Overshoe represents excellent value for money. The double-lined Neoprene means water will not roll off the upper in the manner of single-lined offerings (Endura's Road overshoe, for example) but unless you're riding in flood conditions, this is a price worth paying for the fastener-free fit, in our opinion.

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Website: Endura Equipe

UK distributor: Endura

Price: £34.99

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL