Most Carbon frames are made in moulds. This process means you need special one-off tooling which is expensive. This is why Lance rides a stock off the peg bike. And Jan Ullrich. And many of the other mainstream bike-supplied trade teams.

Serotta (like Parlee and Colnago) have realised the only way to make custom carbon bikes, to order and at a reasonable (?!) price, is by using lugs and tubes. The big difference with the MeiVici is that the tubes can also be custom tuned to suit the riders weight, size and riding style. The carbon lugs are all formed in-house at Serotta too, so the ride and geometry is personally tuneable. Serotta's ST rear triangle is designed to absorb road vibration and add a level of vertical compliance (MeiVici comes standard with lock-out pucks to tune this).

Exclusive Reynolds Carbon top and down tubes are the first with dedicated layers of carbon devoted to resisting twisting forces. Take a closer look and you'll notice that the down tube is 'conical' with the fat end at the BB.

Serotta claim that the result of all this technology is the stiffest, lightest and probably most expensive frame on the planet.

There is now a test-bike available at CycleFit for you to ride - day and weekend tests are available (please pick a dry day, that's all they ask)...

Main features:

• Groundbreaking lug design allows for custom geometry

• Reynolds Colorado Concept carbon fibre tube set

• 4 stiffness levels for each carbon main tube (4.5, 6.5, 8.5, 10.5)

• Micro SL dropouts; titanium bottom bracket and head tube inserts.

• Sizes: Custom only

• Colours: to choice (see website)

• Price: Frame only £5200 (custom only)



• Tel: 0207 430 0083

Chris King still gets the nod Custom Paint too lugs - just like a proper bike
proper pointy lugs they are too! currently with full Record just the frame - £5k!!!