Just as we were getting used to expecting BOA dials on new shoes, Fizik has moved things on (or, is that back?) with its new Powerstrap fastening system, which uses Velcro.

Don’t snigger at the back, because these are some serious-looking shoes, and the Velcro has been designed to wrap around the foot anatomically, producing a more secure and supportive fit.

Customisable fit

The system uses wide bands that cross over the centre section of the shoe, pulling different sections of the shoe more independently than a standard straight-over Velcro system. As a result, Fizik’s press release tells us that the system allows the rider’s instep and midfoot to be seperately adjustable, creating a more unique fit for the rider.

Moreover, the Velcro straps are created purposefully wide to improve the security of the fit and reduce the chance of slippage, and it should allow it to have a longer effective life too. Add to this the classic look of the new design, and we’re already looking forward to getting hands-on with them.

Testing the waters

Additionally, Fizik tells us that the Powerstrap system should provide improved compression over the foot, while the shoe uses the proven R5 carbon-reinforced nylon platform with a 9.7mm stack. It’s Fizik’s bottom-of-the-range sole, but consequently this means it can meet a competitive £109.99 price tag, while allowing the brand to test the waters before releasing the fit system on forthcoming, presumably higher-level, Tempo shoes.

“The versatile new Tempo shoe structure combined with the proven R5 sole gives us a superb base on which to present our enveloping new Powerstrap fitting and closure system,” says brand director Luca Mathia Bertonello, explaining Fizik’s thinking within the brand’s official communiqué.

The Tempo Powerstrap R5 shoes tip the scales at a claimed 499g in a size EU42, with sizes 36-48 set to be available. You’ll be able to have them in black, white, red and navy blue colourways.