As any cyclist knows, proper recovery means you can get back out on your bike sooner and concentrate on getting fit. For Goodness Shakes pre-mixed recovery milk shakes provide a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein - including all 9 essential amino acids - for fast recovery after sporting activity.

Widely available in most supermarkets and shops, For Goodness Shakes have now added two new flavours to the original line-up of Big Banana and Great Choc Malt - say hello to SuperBerry and Organic Vanilla Bean.

And it seems Bradley Wiggins enjoys a tipple of the new Vanilla Bean shake too, saying: “For Goodness Shakes Organic VanillaBean is ready to go when I need it straight after a session and the unbeatable flavour of the Organic VanillaBean makes recovery enjoyable."

SuperBerry is made using real fruit including blueberries and apples, while Vanilla Bean is made with premium Bourbon Vanilla. All flavours are made using natural skimmed milk, which provides the protein you need for recovery after cycling, and the carbohydrate comes from the fruit and natural sugars added to each shake. Additionally, each flavour packs 23 vitamins and essential minerals.