We all need a bit of food when out on a long ride, but those looking for alternative to laboratory-developed and scientifically proven energy bars should check out Fruitus bars. They don’t pack all the cleverness of energy bars, but they’re 100% natural and made from organic ingredients, and each one packs an entire portion of fruit.

They’re also a lot yummier on the taste buds, at least on first inspection. Snack bars like these are a good alternative to the often pricey energy bars and the fact they often taste 100% nicer is a bonus.

The use of natural organic ingredients is a key philosophy behind Fruitus bars; each moist chewy cereal bar contains one portion of fruit, there’s no added sugar and they come with a Soil Association certification as to their naturalness. They’re also ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

They’re made by Lyme Regis Fine Foods, a UK company that prides itself on being a leading producer of natural and organic snacks. They’re available in five juicy flavours: Apple, Apricot, Mixed Berry and Pomegranate & Blueberry.

Fruitus bars are available in most health shops and supermarkets.