Find washing your bike a chore? Or is it just me? For those adverse to a bit of quality time spent washing the bike, here's something to make it a little quicker and easier. Gardena’s Cleansystem combines a brush and hosepipe into one handy unit for cleaning all the mud off effortlessly.

It doesn’t boast the sheer bearing-destroying power of a pressure washer, but instead feeds a steady stream of water onto the part of the bike you’re scrubbing with the brush, effectively reducing the need to keep dipping your brush in the bucket of water. (I'm beginning to ponder why I never thought of such a simple solution)

It’s not a bike specific product, instead designed for such purposes as cleaning cars and caravans (it says here) as well as being useful for bicycles. A set, which includes a 90cm running water handle, wash brush and shampoo tablets, costs £24.99. Available from garden centres and independent retailers nationwide.

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