Ere Research is the brainchild of Piet van der Velde. A widely successful saddle designer, he's worked with the likes of Selle Italia and Specialized to name a few. Now the focus of his time is spent designing high quality rubber for your wheels, and of the range of seven that Ere offers, we've received the two models designed with road cycling in mind - the Omnia and the Genus.

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The Omnia is listed as an all-around performance road tyre, with road and criterium racing part of it's remit. The tyre comes in 24c, 26c, 28c, and the whopping 30c we've got here at RCUK. The pair we've received are also tubeless specific, too; they come boxed with sealant and a valve so have everything you need to enjoy the fruits of potentially puncture free riding right there from the start. 

The Genus is the top-level tyre from Ere Research and is designed with professional road racing in mind. Again, we've received a large 28c version of this tyre in it's standard tubed clincher form.

Both tyres feature a supple, 65a durometer compound that we're told (by Ere) produces fantastic rolling-resistance qualities, certainly the aim of tyre designers worldwide.

The Ere Research Genus tyre in 28c provides great rolling resistance with top level sidewall grip

"The Omnia is listed as an all-around performance road tyre, while the Genus is the top-level tyre designed with road racing in mind"

Each tread pattern is typically Swiss in design, and by that we mean parred back and efficient; both tyres feature a solid centre where uninterrupted ground contact is said to be key to maintaining speed. The sides of each tyre looks to be very grippy, with the tread evolving into something a little more likely to conform to the abnormalities of a road surface. The Genus gets our pick with it's very small checkerboard type tread design, although we'll see how durable it is in the long run.

Ere Research Omnia tyres are designed for road and criterium racing, and all around riding in mind, the samples here are large volume at 30c


Genus and Omnia Clincher - £67.50
Genus and Omnia Tubeless - £63.00

Each tyre features minimalist writing on the sidewall that fulfils a dual purpose by also being reflective. The small Swiss flag reminds us of the heritage of quality exported from the country, too.

We're taking the large volume samples sent to us as a sign of the times within the road industry, with trends for wider rims, larger volume rubber and increased clearance becoming more and more established with each year. We're looking forward to testing these in the long run, especially with the tubeless capability, which splits opinion at RCUK. Watch out for full reviews once we've hit the road.