Social media feeds can sometimes have a bit of a Wild West feel to them. Liking a page or post, however minor, can be interpreted by others as you nailing your colours to the mast of a cause, lifestyle choice or political persuasion.

Strava is trying to change this though. That little ‘thumbs up’ icon that appears on a friend of family member’s logged activity has always been a way of giving kudos for a ride well ridden, and Strava wants riders to acknowledge the simplicity and of that kudos.

More than 2.3 billion kudos were given on the platform in 2017 alone, but the app has launched a new campaign encouraging its 30 million users to #GiveKudos even more, highlighting the positive impact that little show of support can have.

“In our best moments, our community is cheering people on and motivating them to live healthy, active lives,” explains Strava CEO James Quarles. “We're convinced that people keep people active, and we designed #GiveKudos to fuel this spirit.”

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And Quarles might just be on to something. A recent study by Glasgow Caledonian University interviewed more than 8,000 athletes and found that, by logging activities on the platform, 69 per cent believed that Strava had a positive impact on their happiness, with 83 per cent adding that it improved their motivation to exercise.

With 25 activities uploaded to the platform every second, and a million athletes signing up every 30 days, that’s a lot of love to go around if Strava's #GiveKudos campaign has the desired affect.