Loved by the professional peloton, avid club cyclists and two-wheeled commuters alike, Strava has announced an update to its paid-for premium offering with the introduction of three more affordable subscription 'packs'.

Rebranded from 'Premium' to 'Summit’, the activity tracking app's aim is to better serve the needs of those riders that use the subscription service. Strava's subscription model is now broken down into three different ‘packs’ - Training, Safety and Analysis - and each can be subscribed to for £2.49 per month (rather than the £5.99 flat fee for the previous package), enabling members to pick and choose the features they require for a lower fee.

Strava Summit pricing

Individual Training, Safety and Analysis packs available for £2.49 per month or £18.99 per year

All three packs cost £6.99 per month or £47.99 per year

Existing Strava Premium users can subscribe to the all-inclusive package for their current membership fee

The ‘Training’ pack seeks to help those training for a sportive or multi-day ride by offering live performance data, custom goals and plans that have been made by expert coaches. Those looking to use Strava to find new routes and share their live location will be best with the ‘Safety’ pack. Finally, the ‘Analysis’ pack is for those who want to geek out over watts and heart rates.

“Every athlete has a goal to strive for and a summit to reach,” reads the Strava press release. “Whether it’s getting fit, training for a 5K, completing a century ride or feeling safer while out for a ride, Strava’s new membership service Summit provides the tools to meet any goal. Summit replaces Strava Premium to deliver greater value to a broader range of athletes with more focused membership programs."

Fans of the old Premium service will still be able to keep all the features they know and love by choosing the all-inclusive bundle for their current subscription cost.

However, in splitting the features down into three offerings, it is clear that Strava is targeting its new subscription model at those riders who either currently use the free version of the app, or who are using an alternative method of activity tracking, rather than those already hooked on the service. As well as subscribing to each package for £2.49 per month (or £18.99 per year), new members can also sign up to all three for £6.99 per month (£47.99 per year).

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