Little wear after years of use

Gebhardt CNC Chainrings from around £15 to £25

Fitting one or more replacement chainrings is easy and relatively inexpensive but probably fairly rare since they tend to last longer than chains and sprockets. That’s not to say that there is little point; today’s artfully sculpted and pared-down chainrings, designed to enhance shifting and work with super-narrow chains, don’t last as long as they used to, and standard manufacturers’ tooth options tend to be somewhat limited.

Furthermore, fixed wheel riders especially need to pay close attention to gear ratio to get the best out of their riding and might benefit from a custom approach to chainring sizing.

Gebhardt chainrings, manufactured in the Czech Republic, are cut from 3.5mm Dural. Chosen for its resistance to wear, the 2017- T4 aluminium alloy ensures longevity and corrosion resistance under tough operating conditions. RCUK has a Gebhardt ring still going strong after 2 years and several thousand miles of year-round fixed wheel riding.

The firm offers a huge range of ring sizes to fit every commonly available crank spider, which means 5-hole Bolt Circle Diameters from 58mm to 144mm. Four-hole mtb rings are also available. The range of sizes on offer depends in part, not surprisingly, on the BCD; 110mm rings, for example, go down to 34 teeth and up to 54 teeth, offering compact owners the option of running a 52/38 or similar pairing if needed for racing.

With the exception of a 41 tooth option, compact rings are made with even tooth numbers only. In other BCD formats there may in addition be numerous odd-numbered tooth counts; check the Sonic Cycles website for choices. Many rings are offered in black or silver finishes.

Fitment is, of course, straightforward using Original Equipment chainring bolts and fit excellent. Perhaps as important is shifting performance, since many Gebhardt rings lack the shifting ramps, pins and cutouts seen on OE rings for derailleur gear systems. We installed a 48 tooth ring instead of the original 50t to a compact crankset with 34t inner and found shifting precision to be indistinguishable from standard.

Is there a drawback? Apart from the possibility that your rings may not need changing, there’s the outline of the Gebhardt cutaways, which are angular and not obviously the best visual match for some of today’s organically curvaceous cranks. Otherwise, Gebhardt offers a comprehensive and affordable range of well-made and durable rings to fit almost any installation.


Excellent replacement chainrings

performance 9
value 10
overall 9