Green Oil £5.50 per 100ml

Green by name, a funny yellowish tinge by nature… Green Oil’s environmentally-friendly chain lube is a wet lube, formulated from naturally-occurring oils, that does not contain palm oil, the production of which is linked to the destruction of rainforest.

It contains no petrochemicals, waxes, Teflon-type solids or graphite and is non-toxic. The formula is, not unnaturally, claimed to offer excellent lubrication, resist corrosion and reduce wear and is said to be biodegradable ‘after its life on the chain’. Presumably, this means once it has been washed off, which Green Oil claims takes a long time as it is not water soluble. In practice, most synthetic wet lubes wash off when used in excessively wet conditions.

So far, we have applied Green Oil using the recyclable nozzle on the recyclable HDPE plastic bottle, and have found it to smell somewhat soapy and to lubricate the chain effectively with a post-lube riding sensation similar to that obtained from Pedro’s Synlube Road.

We’ll report back on matters such as frequency of application, resistance to washoff and tendency to attract dirt (if any). Until then rest assured that, with a recycled paper label, the bottle is as green as it gets, especially when returned to Green Oil House for a refill. This also gets the purchaser a 50p discount off that fill.

To buy by post, send a name, an address and a cheque for £5.50, payable to 'Simon Nash' to:

  • Green Oil House,
  • 12 Rolvenden Gardens,
  • Bromley,
  • Kent,
  • BR1 2TN,

    visit the website:,

    or email