The Hincapie Arenberg leg warmer is insulating and comfortable.

We wore it on a series of rides in temperatures from zero to 10 degrees and found it able to meet the challenge even at the lower range of this early-season scale.

The Hincapie Arenberg leg warmer was warm and comfortable, fulfilling the limited remit of a warmer

Hincapie Arenberg leg warmer, pic: Timothy John, ©Factory Media

It is one of the longer leg warmers I’ve tested: the size small measures 61cm from thigh to ankle. A double-sided silicone band at the thigh held the warmer in place effectively, while a 15cm zip performed a similar job at the ankle. The double-sided silicone band proved unnecessary in practice, though we liked the idea.

Warmers live and die on the quality of insulation, and Hincapie Sportswear have deployed a fabric billed as BodE Thermal Loft in their Arenberg warmer. It performed well, proving soft to the touch and trapping warm air particles effectively.

Hincapie have positioned the single seam at the rear of the warmer: a sensible place for it, in our opinion, rendering it unnoticeable when in the saddle. The flat-locked stitching is likely to have played a part in this regard, too.

Appearance is a matter of taste, but we’d place the Hincapie Arenberg leg warmer among the more stylish of its kind. The designer’s options are limited with a fabric tube, but the reflective logo on the rear of each leg, placed above the reflective band that encircles each calf, was an elegant addition. This warmer comes in white too, for the more adventurous.


The Hincapie Arenberg leg warmer combines style and performance to good effect in a simple garment with a limited remit. It kept us warm, provided a good fit, and a dash of style. More than that from a leg warmer would be unfair to ask.

Price: £30.75

Size: XS to XXL

Colour: black or white

Website: Hincapie Sportswear