Ever wondered about the sheep that provided the wool from their backs for your Merino garment? Icebreaker has introduced Baacode, a new and unique tracking process that means you can trace the fibres of your Icebreaker garment back to the very flock of sheep that originally grew them.

From autumn 2008 all Icebreaker garments will be tagged with a unique Baacode that matches it with the batch of wool from which it was produced, while a swing tag invites you to head to the website and trace your garment right back to the very sheep station, of which there are some 120 used by the company in New Zealand, that provided the wool.

The website will show you the exact location of your sheep on a map along with video of the farmers in action and the living conditions of the sheep. You can also discover how each garment is made and follow the fibre to the factories that knit, dye, finish, cut, manufacture and ship the clothing. You can also pose questions and find out more about Icebreaker’s supply chain.

Intrigued? Head to www.icebreaker.com/baacode to find out more.