Infinit Nutrition Joe Friel’s Recover £29.99

Recover faster and you can ride faster. It’s a simple truth, but the path to the right recovery product for you post-ride is filled with choice upon choice. So when Infinit Nutrition suggested we tried its Joe Friel signature recovery product, we didn’t need asking twice.

Joe Friel has established a reputation as a leading coach and voice about all matters training, so it would seem reasonable that a product bearing his name should be of a suitably high standard. Recovery is one of the most critical elements of any serious training plan, and even for the occasional cyclist, knowing how best to get your body rested and ready for the next ride means more enjoyment. If you can recover quickly, you can get out riding sooner and your fitness will increase.

So, having established recovery is an important aspect of one’s cycling plan, it seems a sensible proposition to use a recovery drink that is designed to ensure your body gets the right dose of protein and carbohydrates. Opinions vary on the best approach: Joe Friel’s Recover uses a 5:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio that, when mixed with the prescribed 16 ounces of fruit juice and some ice, provides everything your body needs straight after a hard ride, replenishing glycogen stores, electrolytes, branched chain amino acids and antioxidants.

Friel recommends using Recover within 30 minutes of exercise, so I tested it consistently over a couple of weeks and while not being able to pinpoint accurate differences in my recovery without the aid of some lab testing kit, I could notice a difference on the days following tough rides. Recover is easy to mix quickly after a ride, following the suggested serving guidelines, and tastes palatable which serves to make it easier to digest following a hard workout.


If you care about proper nutrition following a ride, Infinit Nutrition Joe Friel’s Recover is worth a try

performance 8
value 8
overall 8