To commemorate ten years of Kinesis UK, three brand new frames have been developed in what is being called the ‘Decade’ range, to be launched in February.

The three new frames, Virtue, Triptser and Convert2, are designed for the demands of the British rider, whether that’s from ripping through city traffic, going fixed or carving local singletrack.

For mtbers there’s a heat-treated steel mountain bike frame, and for us roadies a convertible single speed frame and a fast commute frameset. We don’t know much more than those loose details at this stage, but we’ll find out more in a couple of weeks when they're officially unveiled.

“As with all Kuk frames, hundreds of hours of testing and tinkering have gone into each frame and the creative reigns have really been let loose," says Dom Mason, Kuk Designer. “Even the frame graphics have been hand drawn by one of my favourite UK artists, so we think we’ve produced a pretty special 10th anniversary range with the Decade framesets."

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