The completed Kona AfricaBike

After months of collaboration with leaders in the bicycle and healthcare industries working towards developing a bicycle to assist humanitarian aid workers battling AIDS and HIV in Botswana, the Kona Bicycle Company today unveiled the completed AfricaBike. The AfricaBike is an integral part of the Bicycling Magazine’s BikeTown Africa project in association with Briston-Myers Squibb “Secure the Future" foundation, and is designed to give healthcare workers an efficient means of transportation to help them treat HIV and AIDS patients in two Botswana cities.

With design details specific to the demanding conditions facing Botswana’s aid workers, AfricaBike features a steel frame (for ease of repair), a step through frame (to accommodate female riders who wear traditional skirts). Shimano Coaster Brakes, because they are more durable than cable pull-brakes and a singlespeed drivetrain with fewer parts to break. Sturdy 26-inch mountain bike rims equipped with specially designed Continental tyres that are more resistant to thorns and rocks that litter Botswana’s roads.

More than 200 of these durable, user-friendly bicycles are scheduled for delivery to health-care workers in Botswana in April.

The research, design, development and delivery of the Kona AfricaBikes has been documented at Kona’s Design Group has assembled a bike that will address the challenges southern Africa presents, including rough, unpaved roads, diverse terrain, long distances, thorns, and general lack of service personnel and facilities.

Do you want to help? Send old bike stuff and donations to Re~Cycle, the charity that sends bikes to needy countries.

To learn more about Re~Cycle check out their website here