Wiggle have teamed up with Belgium-based Morgan Blue, a renowned manufacturer of lubricants and bike cleaners used by many of the top professional race teams.

Labelled under their Lifeline range of accessories, Wiggle have several products available. Lifeline Race Oil is available in 125ml (£5.49) and 400ml (£6.99) capacities, and is said to be a “long-lasting lubrication for bikes in all weathers. The lubricant penetrates immediately and does not drip from the chain when applied." The lube contains synthetic additives to obtain a reduction of friction, a smoother gear shift, a reduction of wear and a longer lubrication time.

Lifeline Snythetic Oil is a high-performance lube for use in all weathers, and comes in 125ml (£5.49) and 400ml (£6.99) bottles. Syn Lube is “suited for use after having cleaned the chain and gear. In dry weather conditions use a limited quantityto prevent the chain becoming dirty. During rainy weather, use generously."

Bio Cleaner (£7.99) is an active cleaner-degreaser for the chain and gears, and is 97% bio-degradable.

RCUK will be putting it to test on a couple of test bikes and will report back soon with our findings.

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