Online retailer has signed a deal with Lightweight Wheels to become the exclusive UK distributor.

Lightweight is a name synonymous with weight defying hand built all-carbon wheels. Lightweight wheels were first developed in the mid 1990's when two German engineers, Rudolf Dierl and Heinz Obermayer, produced the first all-carbon wheelset in which the wheel is built as one piece - effectively a monocoque. Besides their incredible lack of weight, they're also highly aerodynamic and extremely stiff.

To mark the occasion, is launching a 10% off promotion for the five different wheelsets; Standards, Obermayers, Lightweight C, Ventoux 190 and 240’s, and including the rear derailleur. assures us it has plentiful stock levels so availability shouldn't be an issue, and is also offering selected worldwide shipping and will be selling Lightweights as far afield as Australia with free P&P.