If Max Rockatansky, the character played by Mel Gibson in the 1979 apocalyptic action thriller film Mad Max, rode a bike, it would probably be this one. Though it’s hard to tell, it is in fact a Parlee, which seems to be about as close as near it to a bicycle version of the supercharged black Pursuit Special made famous in the film.

The Parlee Z3SL frame and THM Scapula SP Tuned fork roll on a pair of Lew Racing wheels, a set of Clavicula cranks, Campagnolo Record components and other necessarily lightweight - every part is subject to being weighed first as a matter of course - components. Like the 156g AX-Lightness Artemis saddle AND seatpost. However, I can't help feeling some grams could have been saved by not fitting the cycle computer...

  • parlee.pk0r.com/Bike/index.htm (the chap behind this bonkers bike)
  • www.bespokecycling.com
  • www.parleecycles.com