Following the same product development process seen on the preceding Pro2 series, French manufacturer Michelin showed Grip and Light versions of the current Pro3 Race tyre at Eurobike as well as an extended range of tread and sidewall colours for the ‘parent’ rubber.

Colourway choice for the Pro3 Race will add Yellow Flash, Orange Signal and Ivory to the existing Dark Grey, Dark Blue, Digital Blue, Red and Yellow options for the 700x23c size.

While the Pro3 Race is claimed to offer some 20% more grip in the centre and 27% more on the shoulder tread than the Pro Race 2 thanks to rubber technology borrowed from Moto GP, the ‘SuperGrip’ rubber used on the Pro3 Grip promises an additional 20% adhesion in the rain.

Both tyres have Michelin’s latest High Density Puncture Protection belt under the tread for a durable ride; the Pro3 Light does without to get weight down to around 180g for the fastest, most efficient ride of the three. Both the Grip and Light are offered in 700x23c only; the Race also comes in 700x25c and 650x23c formats.