• Milani
  • Tino Milani with bike
    As well as top-level road frames, Milani also produce a carbon-framed city bike

    The fabled Milani bicycle works are based in Gallarate, near Varese, in northern Italy. If you haven't heard of Milani, take it from us, they've reached legendary status among the cognoscenti of Italian bike building.

    This is their full-on race frame, the custom-built SL227

    These days, Milani still produce frames in steel, but at EICMA they focussed on their latest masterpieces built in carbon and 100% custom. The N107 uses multishaped tube-to-tube construction and is suitable for all-round use, while the SL227 has more subtle profiles to the tubes and a lighter overall weight, resulting in a frame for use by elite-level riding.

    At present, Milani are in the process of moving to a new, purpose-built manufacturing facility and are currently in negotiations with a leading name in top-level bikes to represent the brand in the UK.

  • www.milanicycles.com