Titanium. Possibly one of the most exotic and desired materials to construct a bike frame from. Moots are a company who have the experience to craft a frame that maximises the benefits of Titanium, with 13-years behind them.

The Compact SL, as the website proudly declares, ‘is a special breed, an energetic frame [that] makes for a great climbing bike with incredible handling characteristics that make it one of most confidence inspiring downhill flyers around.’

So what better place to find out if it lives up to high expectations, than to ride some of the 2005 Dauphine route. We’ll be riding some of the stages of the race, including the infamous Mont Ventoux. When we’ve had enough of the sunshine in France we’ll bring you an update on how the bike rides.

As you can see from the picture we’ve got the frame built up with Shimano Dura-Ace and other suitably expensive components. Well, when the frame costs in the region of 2K, you can only put the best parts on it.

Worth mentioning is the custom build that Moots offer. Tell them your riding style, whether you like the handling spicy or mild or anywhere in between, a stiff or less stiff front triangle, a tender or tough rear-end compliance - you truly can build a bike of your dreams, which you arguably can’t get from of the shelf frames.

For more information visit the Moots website.