'Whilst most cyclists swear at their saddles, Brooks' cyclists swear by them'

Brooks saddles are as British as a Rolls Royce, or a Pashley Bicycle and they've now made some changes to the range and added some lovely new stuff as we found out when we popped over to visit them.

The Swallow

The Swallow is a return to a racing classic. Totally handmade and stitched they are a work of art. The cost reflects this - £175 sounds a lot but this saddle could last 20 years or more if you look after it.


The new range of luggage marks a return to traditional design and quality.

The small saddlebag is £35.00 and the large £48.00. Although they look retro, which isn't such a bad thing, we're used to Brooks products standing the the test of time.

The tools in the pouch look quality made to us. A lovely spoke key, a set of allen keys, tyre levers, spanners with 8mm to 15mm (pedal) and a screwdriver with a variety of fittings.

There's plenty of space to add your extra favourite out-on-the-road tools. The tool pouches cost £70 with tools included. The small (honey coloured) one has no tools and costs £35.

Ask for one for Christmas, they're gorgeous.

This retro woollen jersey will also to be available soon, modelled here by Nick from Amba Marketing. A load of other stuff will be coming from Brooks soon, so check back for news.

Brooks is distributed by Amba Marketing 01392 840030 and you can use their website to find your local dealer.

There's more information on the Brooks website: www.brooksengland.com.