It has been a while since we have announced our joining prize winners, a good three months in fact. Before I continue, we owe a huge thank you to Continental for supplying the joining prize, their new BlackChili special compound 4000S tyres, for the past six months. Only good things have been said by the winners about the tyres, we will hassle them for member reviews soon.

pinnacle jacket
Pinnacle Windstopper Thermal Jacket


  • July - David Belcher
  • August - Alyn Byrne
  • September - Ifor Powell
  • October - Andrew Higgins

Congratulations guys and we hope that the tyres have/will served you well.

For the next three months, our mates at Evans Cycles have agreed to supply one lucky member a month the chance to win a Pinnacle Windstopper Thermal Jacket valued at £79.99 each.

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