You’re into the last 20miles. The previous 80miles felt good but now your legs are feeling heavy, your throat is burnt out and your vision is blurred around the edges. You reach into your back pocket, grab an energy bar and take a bite.

Not all energy bars are the same though. Some are the last thing you want when you’re about to hit that invisible wall. Torq bars, however, are different. They’re soft, they’re tasty and they have a secret weapon, Ribose.

Ribose is present within every living cell of the body and is used to manufacture ATP (the energy currency of the cell) from scratch. Whilst the body can manufacture its own ribose from glucose, this requires energy and is a very slow process. Research into ribose supplementation has proven that taking as little as 3-5grams per day will return cellular levels of ATP to normal within 6-22 hours of exhaustive exercise. Without supplementation, this is likely to take between 26 and 93 hours.

Launched a few years ago, Tangy Apricot and Sundried Banana bars are office favourites, so we were eager to try out two new flavours, Raspberry & Apple and Pineapple & Ginger. We’ve been chowing down on them and so far we like them, though the Pineapple and Ginger certainly divided opinions, it’s a love or hate thing we think.

To launch these new flavours, we’re giving you the chance to win a box of 24 Torq bars (containing 12 Raspberry & Apple and 12 Pineapple & Ginger bars).

All you have to so is complete this sentence:

The Ribose in Torq bars makes me go faster because...................

The most amusing and/or creative answers will go into our digital hat and we'll draw a winner on 17 June. Good Luck.