Components and yet more carbon stuff.

Track stuff next...

OK it's not a bike but you have to agree this has to be the coolest van. As used on the Tour of Britain (it was the official Broom wagon) and owned by Rapha, the coolest clothing company... Rapha

New Carnac shoes. The M5 looks a lok more pared down than previous models from the french footwear company. Football boot styling seems to be becoming popular. Carnac

Time shoes look set for a revival with a strong shoe range - well priced too. Time

Easton fork that is lighter than the carboard box it comes in... Easton

Ambrosio have some new components including this aluminium flat top bar, quite light weight and far cheaper than Carbon. Ambrosio

Pedros tools range gets bigger every year and now you can buy a full kit in a custom made carry case. Perfect for race days Pedros

Seven now have a full range of finishing kit including carbon bars and very nice titanium stems Seven

Oval products are certainly well designed, with the tester in mind. These carbon brake levers are a must have if you are trying to break the hour... One of Oval's chief designers is John Cobb who worked with Lance Armstrong so enough said.

The latest road bars will help you fly, with this cunning flat top aerofoil design. Oval has been used this year by Vuelta winner Roberto Heras.

And in the UK, Michael Hutchinson has been using Oval stuff this year. They are reported to be the most aero forks money can buy.

You can even get carbon armrests now. Oval

Yes there will be more from Cycle 2004 soon... (has anyone had enough yet?)