Pinnacle Aeos carbon 2008 - Pinnacles' Ben Spurrier proudly shows off the new range
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Aeos Carbon 1.0 - 105 equipped
Aeos Carbon 2.0 - Ultegra equipped
Aeos Carbon 3.0 - SRAM Rival equipped
Aeos Carbon Team - Dura Ace equipped with FSA K-Force Light carbon chainset with ceramic bearings

In 2005 Evans Cycles launched their own brand and called it Pinnacle Bikes. Soon there were 34 bikes in the range. For 2008 this has been increased to 55, including gorgeous new hardtail and full suspension MTBs. There are also three new women's specific bikes, a steel 'free ride' and four carbon road bikes.

Aeos Carbon road

The Aeos Carbon road models probably have the highest profile, being the brand's first full carbon bikes and the result of two years' work on design and development.

Ben Spurrier (London 'cross rider and roadie) and the rest of the Pinnacle team are very proud to tell you that they could have just sourced a carbon frame from the Far East and then conveniently badged it Pinnacle. Instead, Pinnacle told us, "Rather than buy a carbon fibre frame ‘off-the-shelf’, paint and re-brand it as many bicycle brands still do, we went down the path of custom mould design. We started with rider feedback from (among others) the Plowman Craven Evans Cycles professional racing team. We then produced concept sketches to show the key details of the frame designs. Finally we produced a detailed specification for the qualities of the frame so that the carbon fibre lay-up could be tuned to our requirements." This philosophy continues with their own fork and again it is tuned to suit the frame.

The Aeos Carbon range is based on unidirectional Mitsubishi and Toray carbon fibre from Japan built up in multiple layers, with the bottom bracket and head tube junction areas reinforced with a 3K weave carbon fibre layer. Said Spurrier, "We then went further and applied High Modulus (HM450) unidirectional carbon fibre in critical areas to ensure durability in areas of stress and High Tensile Mitsubishi unidirectional carbon fibre in areas where torsion resistance is required."

The range begins with the Aeos Carbon 1.0 and 2.0; both utilise a 12K weave top layer to add durability to the frame package. For the Aeos Carbon 3.0 and Team, this is omitted in favour of a straight unidirectional finish. "We even run less paint on the Team model to save a few grams!"

Pinnacle Bikes is based at Evans Cycles' Gatwick offices, where we were shown the entire 2008 range, and we couldn't help but be impressed by the attention to detail and feeling of satisfaction resonating from Ben and the rest of the Pinnacle team. Although the monocoque bikes are built in the Far East, they have been designed and developed in the UK, and with so much pride at stake they are keen to ensure a high build quality from their suppliers.

Also of interest to us were the Pinnacle own brand items such as saddles, Ben told us that it has been very rewarding working out ideas with some of the best names in saddle, bars etc. manufacturing.

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