The latest team bike, tasty

Planet X invited us up to the peaks last week to take a peek at their new range of predominantly time trial bikes. We also got to ride their latest team bike and very impressive they are too, especially the road bike that flew (sort of) over Winnats pass in the pouring rain. The team bike is very light weight and retails at £799 for the frame and fork.

There's an aluminium super stiff fat tubed TT bike with a full carbon rear end for £499, which includes frame, fork and seatpost. Slightly steeper geometry and a rounded top tube for £699 and the full monty - a full carbon monocoque TT frame fork and seatpost for £799. Yes that's right £799. Wheelsets with full carbon rims (tub only) rear wheel features a rear hub with reduced dish and a 24 hole rim only version you can build into your chosen hubs.

We have some carbon seatposts and bottle cages to test and a new bar and stem combo. So we will be testing them over the next few weeks. Check the pics below for captions and further deatails are available from the Planet X website. Sales are mainly on-line, which is why the prices are so keen.

24 gram carbon cage and they're only £18
less dish more strength Tasty looking carbon rims Planex X crank now with wings, sorry rings!
another incredible price, rides well too a suitably rapid chassis and there's a fixed version too
a fixed TT anyone? Just the same as the team bike full range of aero and road forks available
carbon seatpost in road frame full carbon rear on team road bike neatly fitting rear triangle
range topper in full carbon aero post for carbon TT frame Prepare to PB

For more on where we stayed (very nice it was too) check out: peak pad full story to follow...