Polar have taken another step towards providing the complete training management system with the release of the RS800CX, which now features GPS for route tracking.

The wrist-mounted RS800CX is an elite-level system and is aimed at multi-sport types. Core to its effectiveness are intelligent features that allow you to enhance your training by imputing personalised data about your body and exercise techniques.

The separately available G3 GPS pod opens up the availability of route tracking, with this data then being transferred to Polar’s ProTrainer 5 software for analysis. The route can be viewed on a map using ProTrainer 5, via Google Earth, as the heart rate zone (intensity zones 1-5) used during training is reflected in the colour of the line on the route. The route tracking and heart rate information can also be shared with others in Polar’s online communities.

The RS800CX features one of the biggest, most lucid displays on the market. A fully configurable exercise display also provides countless combinations to provide users with a truly personal and indispensable training partner.

Polar’s iconic RS800CX training management system is now available from leading sports stores from £359.50. Speed and Cadence sensors are available too.

Find out more at www.polarelectro.co.uk