Advanced Carbon Group have taken their love of the magic black stuff and made it their reason for being. Along with Parlee and Lightweight they have added Italian component manufacturers WP and French crank company Stronglight to their stable of fantasic plastic parts.

Stronglight cranks also feature 'ceramic' chainrings and fit an ISIS titanium BB. £300 for the cranks.

Italian company WP make their bars, stems and seatposts in small numbers but have exceptional quality and attention to detail. The £200 handlebar is feather weight and can be in either Ergo or standard bends. Stems to match at around £150 each.

This Parlee bike is incredibly lightweight and the quality of finish matches the 'om-mi-god-it's-so-light' wow factor. This bike had just spent a week in the Alps in the pouring rain and still looked a million quid.

Prices of Parlee frames vary depending on spec, but they'll start at around £2000 for frame, King Aheadset and fork. We are getting a Lightweight-wheel-equipped Superlight to test very soon.

More frame details here

Anyone interested in either of these products should contact:

Advanced Carbon Group on 0207 093 2241 or by e-mail

It's really, really light Carbon cable hangers... nice lugged construction makes custon carbon easier
Titanium drop outs Neat and well made by hand, not assembly line
Rear triangle is really well finished Stronglight's ISIS drive Pulsion crank WR seatpost is excellently excecuted
Carbon cranks from French chainset specialists WR bars in standard or 'Ergo' bend Stems in all the sizes and all the styles...