You'll find finishing kit from Shimano subsidiary PRO on a whole host of WorldTour team bikes, including Team Sky's Pinarello Dogmas, and while the updated PLT range sits at the more affordable end of the spectrum, it's based on the same tried-and-tested tech as those pro-level components.

The 2015 PLT line-up is made up of a handlebar, seatpost and stem, making it a complete batch of finishing kit - these things should match, you know - but all three are sold individually. All three are also made from aluminium - still the go to material for durable finishing kit for the rough-and-tumble of racing, at least as far as handlebars and stems are concerned.

RCUK100 - PRO PLT handlebar

RCUK100 - PRO PLT handlebar

RCUK100 - PRO PLT seatpost

RCUK100 - PRO PLT seatpost

RCUK100 - PRO PLT stem, alloy

RCUK100 - PRO PLT stem

RCUK100 - PRO PLT stem, alloy

PRO's PLT finishing has long represented excellent value for money and that continues here

The PLT handlebar has a compact shape, which should help more riders find a comfortable position in the drops, and comes in two versions, with round tops or flat, ergonomic tops, which some riders may find more comfortable by relieving pressure on the hands and wrists.

PRO have used a double-butted aluminium to make sure there's strength where it matters, and reduce the wall thickness where weight can be saved, giving the PLT bars a starting weight of 255g, which is light for the money.

Some of that extra strength comes in the clamp section, which has an oversized 31.8mm diameter to reduce unwanted flex when yanking on the bars mid-sprint. It’s strong and rigid. Recessed groove cable routing is another trickle-down feature that comes from PRO's more expensive finishing kit and keeps things tidy.

  • Pricing:

    Handlebar - £44.99

    Stem - £44.99

    Seatpost £39.99

  • Website: PRO bike gear
  • UK distributor: Madison

The PLT stem is a fuss-free option, made from the same grade of aluminium as the PLT handlebar. The face plate has been updated, using PRO's Headlock clamping system to provide a more secure hold, and it comes in nine lengths from 50mm to 130mm.

Add in the PLT seatpost, which uses a smart single-bolt clamping system to ensure it's easy to quickly reposition the saddle, to complete the set.

PRO's PLT range has long represented excellent value for money (the handlebar, stem and seatpost all cost £49.99 each) when it comes to affordable but reliable alloy finishing kit and that continues into 2016 with this updated trio.