Big, clear display
Simple mount needed packing
Wireless sender easy to attach

Pro Scio W-2.1 Wireless cycle computer £39.99

Unless you like winding a long section of thin lead around your fork, brake cable and anything else that will support it on its way to its device, a wireless computer is the way to go. Pro's Scio W-2.1 fits the bill nicely, being wireless, of course, simple and easy to use. With mode and set buttons on the face, accessing the seven main operating modes is straightforward and manageable while wearing gloves. The modes comprise time of day, ride time, distance, odometer, average and maximum speeds and stopwatch. There is also a calorie consumption programme in there somewhere. The computer has settings available for two different machines to allow swapping.

An interesting if somewhat gimmicky function is the Distance Countdown, which operates as a segmented bar across the middle of the display. Once set to a predetermined ride distance, it counts down by diminishing segment numbers as the distance nears completion. I found looking at the distance covered and subtracting this from the anticipated total to be both more accurate and more informative, but there you go. The computer switches off - or rather goes to time of day and does not restart when the wheel is turned - after a few minutes (not specified in the manual) of unuse. Forget this and you may cover a kilometre or more before remembering to press the mode button to restart, which can be annoying.

Pro says the computer mount will fit on either bars or stem, which is true, but to adapt it from one orientation to the other requires a screwdriver of microscopic proportion. I also found that the mount tested was a loose fit around the computer, allowing it to rattle. The solution was to insert packing under the 'pooter to dampen the vibes. A second example provided a perfect fit, so this may have been a one-off problem. Removal of the computer from its mount by twisting is easier and less fiddly than the more usual locking tab and sliding action.

Attaching the sender is easy and made more secure on a tapered fork blade by sticking a piece of cloth handlebar tape underneath to prevent the rubber base moulding from slipping down.


Sound, sturdy and competent cycle computer

performance 9
value 8
overall 8