Pro Tarmac (Road) Overshoe £24.99

I hate overshoes; they are normally bulky, hot and frankly never do what they say they will. Unfortunately in our British climate they are a necessity when the weather turns foul (and we have had a lot crap weather this winter).

I saw these in the Pro catalogue in the summer and I made a mental note that they would be worth a look. The outer of the overshoe has a rubber-like texture to it, which has been treated with a PU coating. Inside, any seams that exist have been taped to make the joint waterproof. The inside lining is made of a light-weight fleece material, and sandwiched between the two is a carbon filter layer that aids breathability while also stopping your feet stinking.

What is truly amazing is that, after packing all that technology in, the overshoe remains thin - under 1mm I would guess. Back to the outer and you can see it has some “sporty" flashes of reflective material on the sides with a few more additions on the back of the Tarmacs. Normally the bane of most overshoes is the closure method, whether it is a zipper or Velcro or a combination of the two. I am pleased to say that this model uses the Rolls Royce of zips in the YKK, and the top Velcro adjuster uses the soft hook variety that is becoming more commonplace on good cycle clothing. Having a Velcro adjuster on the top allows you to pull the top part in to make for a tight fit against the ankle area. Finishing off the extensive list of features is a reinforced Kevlar toe section, the part that normally wears out oh, so easily.

Even though Pro makes no claims that this is a fully waterproof product, the Pro Tarmacs have performed as such. The fabric will eventually let in water, but as yet I have not experienced this so I can’t give you a time line on when that may be. Having been out in some heavy rainstorms, the only place where it did let in water was the usual place that most overshoes struggle with, the ankle area. Even though the tops of my socks got wet, the shoes themselves remained dry and warm. Speaking of warmth, for me this provided the right combination as it allowed me to regulate the temperature by choosing the right socks underneath. On less windy days with a ground temperature of 6 degrees a normal DeFeet Aireator sock was fine. On colder and windier days I would opt for a pair of Merino socks to keep the tootsies happy (6 degree to -2 C). [What is this – cycling or The Devil Wears Prada? – ed.]

With a wide range of sizes combined with a stretchy fit you should be able to find a pair to fit. The Tarmacs do everything that I could want in an overshoe. They are light, highly water resistant and never have I suffered from my feet being baking hot, or for that being cold. These are a great investment and I would highly recommend them, and best of all they’ll keep your shoes looking their best until spring arrives.

Sizes: M-XXXL



    The Tarmacs do everything that one could want in an overshoe

    performance 9
    value 9
    overall 9